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Agensi Perkerjaan TSE Sdn Bhd:: Looking for Housemaid?
“We assure you of our professionalism and commitment through our superior customer service, faster and friendlier services.”

Agensi Pekerjaan TSE Sdn Bhd (TSE) is established since 10th March 1998. TSE is an agency licensed by Ministry of Human Resources and Department of Immigration of Malaysia. We are highly efficient because of our well-trained and skillful staffs that work as a team.

We provide superior customer service by offering a complete maid package. Whether you need a maid for your newborn baby, young children, elderly folks, sick or disabled family member, or you need a good cook, browse through our attached biodatas. We strive to provide the most suitable maid to our clients, thereby enriching their family and work lives.

Our maids are screened and trained in our Training Centers in preparation of their impending deployment to Malaysia. Our training centers ensure the highest standard of training by having a complete range of training programme & facilities to match the nedds of Malaysia families. Essential knowledge and skills are passed down by our enthusiastic trainers to each domestic helper through practical handson lessons.

During the course of their training they are being assessed not only on their personal. Those that do not meet our stringent requirements will be asked to leave our Centers immediately. We therefore confident of delivering services, which are able to meet up to your stringent requirements.