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Agensi Perkerjaan TSE Sdn Bhd:: Looking for Housemaid?
Our Services
Job Placement Services for House Maids
Personally or Through Agent On-Camera Life Video Screening and Interviewing
Whichever Possible or Practical.
Intensive Training Courses and Workshops
- Training in First Aid
- Training in Care Babies
- Training in Care of Elderly or Disabled
- Training in Cooking
- Use of household appliances
General Orientation for Employment as a Maid in Malaysia
On Line Selection of House Maids from Our Database
In House Selection of House Maids at Our Office
Door-to-Door Service for Registered Clients
On Line Application for House Maid with Immigration Departments
Pick Up Arriving House Maids at Airport and Delivery to Employer
In House Orientation for Arriving House Maids.
Assistance in Making Insurance Claims
Renewal of Passports and Work Permits for Existing House Maids
Embassy endorsement - documents and home leaves processing
Arrangement of medical check up for House Maids
Check Out Memo Application for Departing House Maids
Working Hours
Monday - Friday : 9:00am ~ 7:30pm
Saturday : 9:00am ~ 5:00pm
Sunday : 10:00am ~ 2:00pm